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What are the lampshades made from?

Each patterned lampshade is made from layered, stitched and handcut plant-fibre papers, including banana, mango, sugar cane and mulberry silk. These give a wonderful surface texture with the leaves, seed heads and petals further highlighted when the lamp is switched on.

The map shades are made from appliquéd vintage Ordnance Survey maps.

The half-frames are made to Sarah's designs from brazed mild steel wire and hand-painted in flat gold to suit the brass lamps fittings, silver to match the chrome lamp fittings or black to complement wrought iron work.

Are the designs printed on?

No, the patterned shades are made using the technique of reverse appliqué whereby the design is stitched into the paper and revealed in its full glory when layers of paper are handcut away.

The map shades are made from original Ordnance Survey maps and not digital reproductions.

What lampshade shapes and sizes do you offer?

Half shades are available in two sizes – 20cm and 25cm tall x 24cm wide x 8cm deep.  They can be purchased with a hand-crafted lamp base or alone to be used on your own base.

Straight-sided drum lampshades are available with a diameter of 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 35cm, 40cm, 45cm or 50cm and almost any height you choose, making them suitable for a table lamp, ceiling pendant, or floor lamp.

Can I order a shade that is personal to me?

Yes. Sarah can make patterned lampshades to order in the colour and design of your choice. She is happy to work from photographs or swatches of soft furnishings as reference to create a bespoke lampshade from stitched plant-fibre paper that is unique to you. Complete the enquiry form for a half-shade table lamp or drum shade or email Sarah with your ideas.

If you would like a lampshade made from a vintage map that has a personal meaning, please complete the enquiry form for either a map table lamp or a map drum shade.

Can I have one of your designs in a different colour?

Yes, Sarah has a large selection of papers in a variety of colours and is happy to make shades that complement your existing colour scheme.  If you need a close colour match you can send her swatches as reference.

What are lamps with half-shades designed for?

Sarah's signature half-shade is designed and made exclusively by her and the shape is unique. It is slim and backless allowing light to bounce off the wall behind. It is perfect as a table lamp for a hall console, corner table, shelf, mantlepiece and bedside table where space is limited.

What is special about the lamp bases?

All Sarah’s lamp bases are made by local craftsmen who create bespoke designs for her shades.

The flat circular bases are crafted by master woodturner Ray Key in ash or sycamore and have British-made fittings.  They are available 10cm or 16cm high, 20cm or 25cm diameter and have either brass or chrome switched 60W fittings.

The bases designed for Sarah’s half-shades are cut from locally sourced oak are again available in 10cm or 16cm heights and have either brass or chrome switched 60W fittings.

Sarah also works with blacksmith Alex Wilkins to create stylish ironwork bases.  Due to their weight they can only be purchased directly from Sarah at shows.

What bulbs can I use with my ArtShade?

The British-made lampholders fitted to Sarah’s bases are rated 60W.  You can use any incandescent 60W candle bulb you may have stockpiled or any low energy equivalent with a standard bayonet fitting.

I have a question that isn’t answered here.

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