Much of the inspiration for my work comes from gardens – my own rather unkempt one and other more nurtured examples I manage to visit from time to time. I have found that one way to get young children interested (so I get to go more often) is to give them a bug viewer and trust them with your digital camera!  We all love to take photos of plants, flowers, trees and insects and see who gets the best shot. Here is this week’s favourite – taken right here in our own garden in Malvern, Worcestershire.


Such a beautiful creature and I rather like the combination of brown, pale green and black – an idea for a new lampshade is forming.  A rare glimpse of blue sky too.

Those of you here in the UK will know that the weather has been unseasonably wet of late and as a result my hillside garden has turned into a jungle of green.  My recent designs were inspired by the swathes of green interspersed with spots of colour.  This beautiful Provence rose (Fantin-Latour I believe) inspired this design.

Pinkrose_2  Pistpinkcircles

The claret and olive green colour combination was prompted by flower bracts and leaves of this Hypericum, but I chose to leave out the yellow.

Hypericum2 Claretpatterns2

The third and final colourway in this collection was chosen for a more commercial reason – all the lamps I had exhibited at The Malvern Spring Gardening Show in May in similar colours had sold!  Taking the cue from my customers I therefore thought I would use more of the same sort of colours – caramel, toffee and cream this time.


You can see the finished lamps in all three colourways right here.

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