I am working on a set of wall shades at the moment. They are in one of my favourite colour combinations – perfect for a period home. The colours remind me of leather bound books in a traditional study.  In fact one of the first shades I made in these colours back in 2002 was bought by a man in Worcester who told me afterwards he decided to redecorate his study to match the lamp!

Here are the layers of paper I have cut away.  They look very Christmassy don’t they?  I wait with anticipation to see what festive delights my children make out of this lot.  A set of six shades leaves a lot of offcuts.


I always encourage my clients to have a mismatched set – it seems a pity (both for the customer and the maker) to commission a set of something and then have each piece made exactly the same.  Here my client has chosen to have the same design stitched into each, but to have the colours placed at random.  This way each shade retains its individuality, while forming part of a striking set.


When making lamps for the bedside I often suggest a mirror image pair, which is always a popular choice.


Another method is to use the same colour combinations but stitch different designs.  Here are two lamps made as a mismatched pair for either side of the bed. A sort of ‘his and hers’ pairing.

Pinkrandom_2 Pinksilhouette_4

I’ll post some images of the finished wall shades in due course.

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