The January/February copy of Crafts has a feature on Stuart Haygarth and his fabulous lighting creations from found-objects.  I really like the fact that they are limited editions and not mass-produced and love the way he has created something beautiful by combining hundreds of pieces that have no intrinsic beauty. Apparently he studied graphic design and was a photographer and illustrator for 15 years before changing career at almost 40 to “try it in design”.  Brilliant!


‘Spectacle’ 2006 image source Stuart Haygarth (spectacle lenses and frames)



1) ‘Spectacle 2) ‘Tail Light’ 2007 3) ‘Tide’ 2005, 4) ‘Optical’ 2007 all via Crafts


‘Tide’ 2005 image source Stuart Haygarth (debris washed up on beaches)


‘Millennium Chandelier 1’ image source Stuart Haygarth (empty party poppers)

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