Today’s stroll up the garden exposed many additions to my ‘jobs to do’ list.  As you can see I never did get round to sweeping the autumn leaves, but look how the bluebell shoots have forced their way straight through a leaf regardless.

Leafstrewnbench_2 Spanishbluebellleaves_2

This week’s flower for my vase is Mahonia aquifolium also known as the Oregon Grape.  Its buds are clustered rather like a bunch of grapes and each bursts open starting with those at the base.


It is a robust shrub and grows well in shade and happily under large trees.


The RHS Plant Finder shows these nurseries in the UK which stock it.


The National Plant Collection of Mahonia is at The Valley Garden on the northern shores of Virginia Water in Surrey, part of The Royal Landscape.


The closed buds remind me of minature brussel sprouts, if only sprouts had such a glorious filling!

Have a good week.

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