Today there were plenty of primroses to fill my little jug.  After a night of thrashing rain they were bowing low with their faces staring at the muddy ground.  They look far happier now.


They remind me of my childhood.  A native plant, they grew in abundance in the woods where we played opposite our family home in Kent.  We would pick fistfuls (it wasn’t illegal then!) and wrap them in wet cotton wool to take to our Nanna on her birthday.  Bunches of primroses always make me think of her.


I love their simple shape and delicate colour.


Their botanical name is Primula vulgaris and the Plantlife site has lots of interesting information about them, for example, did you know that they were Disraeli’s favourite flower and on Primrose Day – 19th April, primroses are placed on his statue in front of Westminster Abbey?


They seed freely in dappled woodland and even appear in cracks in walls – my garden has lots of those.


Simple, happy and carefree.

I hope your week is too!

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