Bergenia crassifolia was the star bloom in my children’s hand-picked Mother’s Day posy, but I confess I didn’t even recognise it.  At first I thought it was some prized bulb I had planted in the autumn.  The boys must have detected the note in my voice when I said “That one is lovely – where’s it from?” because they chorused “It’s ok, there were lots of them!”


I admit I have never been particularly keen on the Bergenia flower when it is attached to its plant.  To me it looks rather artificial sticking out from those big ‘elephant ear’ leaves.  I grow the plant as the leaves make such great ground cover in a shady north-facing border beside the house and hide ugly drainage pipes.

Now my children have shown me how pretty the flower is in its own right, I will regard it as a cutting flower.


There’s lots of information about Bergenia crassifolia here.  The Telegraph has an article on how to grow Bergenia here and there is a National Collection of Bergenia in Glasgow and another in Essex.


Enjoy your week.


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