Thank you to all of you who completed my survey ‘Do you Love or Loathe your Lampshades?’.  Here are the results:

48% of you own more than 11 lampshades, but sadly 30% of you don’t love any of them, with 63% actually loathing some or all.

40% haven’t bought a new lampshade in the last 5 years, 15% of those haven’t splurged in over 10 years.

When you do buy 89% visit a high street store and 82% have chosen plain fabric ones, 60% have bought paper ones and 44% glass shades.

The cheering thing is that 26% love most of your lampshades.


By simply changing the lampshades the whole feel of a room can be transformed without huge outlay. It seems such an opportunity missed to live with a sad and worn shade – when replacing it will be like adding fresh flowers to a room (while lasting a whole lot longer).

Here are a few of your comments describing the shade you loathe:

“It’sboring, just practical, bought as a temporary thing and stayed permanent!”

“A fabric covered cone shape monstrosity that used to be a wine colour and is now some indeterminate shade of mud”.

“My least favourite is a pleated black one I inherited with the house. It’s as dull and tedious as the vast majority of lampshades on the market”.

“My least favourite shades are the ones we inherited with the house. They are 80s horrors! To be replaced as we redecorate hopefully!”

I’ll leave you with a comment left about a favourite customised lampshade – the mind boggles!

“It looks like a floozy about to go out on the town! It’s totally individual”.

Have a great weekend.

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