The first of my blue hydrangeas is in flower this week.  The flowers start off pale and subtle.


And then open into a mass of beautiful sky blue petals.


This Hortensia is the first to flower in a bank of blue hydrangeas which takes my breath away in August every year. They form a striking blue line across the garden and I am very grateful to the gardener who planted them over 20 years ago for future owners to enjoy!


Such interesting stems too.


I have just discovered where I have been going wrong in terms of drying the heads of hydrangea.  Apparently you wait until the end of September, allowing the petals to ‘crisp up’ on the plant, then cut short stems (long stems if they are Lacecaps), remove leaves and hang in a warm, dry place.  The quicker they dry and the less they touch each other the better.  If you want to retain the original colour you may want to use silica gel.

The Lakeland Horticultural Societyholds a National Collection of Hydrangea at Holehird Gardens in Windermere.

The stitched panel I made to commission reminds me of my hydrangea ‘hedge’.



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