I can’t tell you how much pleasure the flowers in my vase have given me since the start of my ‘Bloom of the Week’ photography project.  I had always been loath to cut flowers from my garden, subconsciously thinking I was shortening their life by doing so.

This year has been a real eye-opener in more ways than one. Not only have I enjoyed studying the blooms close-up and revelling in the detail, both through the lens and as I sit at my desk,


but have realised how seeing fresh flowers around the house gives me an instant lift – making me smile inside and out. (I hope seeing them on my blog does the same to you).


Sometimes however, despite my new found enthusiasm for indoor blooms, a flower looks so perfect where it grows I can’t bring myself to make the cut.

This week’s bloom is one such beauty.  I can still study it close-up…


.. by sitting on the edge of my garden pond.


The water lily.


And whilst sitting there with camera in hand I sometimes spot other eye-openers.


Large red damsel flies ovipositing on a lily pad.

Happy holidays!


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