As I mentioned last week I am busy making some new work for h.Art.  I am enjoying creating small stitched designs for framing inspired by some of the flowers and seedheads I’ve photographed for my ‘Bloom of the Week’ series.

These five will be mounted together in one long frame (each window is 12cm x 17cm) – I’m really pleased with the colour combination.

Blue-orange-rosebuds   Claret-white-seedheads   Orange-white-anemone-heads  Teal-white-flowers  Purple-white-knautia

The first two designs I’ve used in recent lampshades

Orangebudlamp  Whiteseedheadslamp

The middle one was the pattern inspired by the Japanese Anemones once the petals had blown.

Orange-white-anemone-heads4  Petal-less-anemone

The final one was prompted by the pincushion-like Knautia.

Purple-white-knautia200  Knautia-single

I did use it again – remember this?  Although it still hasn’t made it into a lampshade just yet.

Don’t forget if you’d like to watch me work (a rare treat!), you can visit me at Jenny Pearce’s studio in Canon Frome, near Ledbury from Saturday 13 September.

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