The conkers are dropping!  Autumn just wouldn’t be the same without going hunting for conkers.  I still find collecting them irresistible.  There is something about their shiny mahogany richness peeping out of the dull dry husks that gets me every year.


The common near our house has a row of grand horse chestnut trees and my children have always been as keen as me to fill their pockets.


We empty them out before choosing our favourites.


This year they are old enough to drill and string their own ready for the family conker championship.  It’s not always the biggest that wins!


If you are unfamiliar with the game of conkers – see here.

Conkers have inspired my work in the past – here’s my Conker Lamp.  And subconsciously they have inspired a recent lampshade design.


They have also inspired my purchases over the years!



Allison Thomas conker pod 1997 (real conkers in leather pod)


Penkridge Ceramics conker 1999


Maria Gallagher digitally printed conker cushion 2004

As you can see – I really do love conkers!  Do you?

PS  The World Conker Championships will be held on 11 October 2008 on the Village Green at Ashton in Northamptonshire. 



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