I’ve always liked the word ‘selvedge’ (since needlework lessons at school – which I adored) and I think it’s an inspired title for a quality magazine about textiles.  Last week I stumbled across a blog called Ric Rac by Jodie in Australia who is so obsessed by selvedges she has convinced her readers to send her bundles of them in the post!  I was impressed enough by the amazing selvedge dress she created, but then she went on to make a parasol.

Parasol-2  Parasol3

Images courtesy of Ric Rac

I empathise with her over the struggles she had trying to get the fabric taught – I remember the trouble I had with my first ever lampshade – a Tiffany-style shade of similar shape to a parasol.


I have never returned to making shades that shape and am highly unlikely to ever make a parasol, but I do love an unusual umbrella when I see one.  A few years ago I put ‘a special brolly’ on my Christmas list as I was sick of walking my children to school with faded old golf umbrellas sporting company logos.  My poor Mum took up the challenge and searched high and low for one she thought would fit the bill.

She found it and I love it.


(My parents gave me a trip in a hot-air balloon for my 21st birthday so the design has special significance).

How About Orange blogger Jessica Jones has at last found herself an orange one and in doing so introduced me to Umbrellas – a lovely US site with a great selection of patterned brollies and not a corporate logo in sight.  It includes a page on the history of umbrellas and even umbrella etiquette!

In the UK we have Brollies Galore – with hundreds of umbrellas on offer there is no excuse for a dodgy brolly.  They have Morris & Co, Kath Kidston, Frank Usher, and Lulu Guinness designs.

I thought it would be fun to see what umbrellas other creative-types use when it rains, so if you have a blog how about posting a photo of yours and leaving a link below?

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