You may have noticed I really enjoy watching the birds in my garden, particularly when they choose to nest here and especially if they choose one of our nest boxes.

They have been pairing up over the last month or so and I am keen to find out who is nesting where.  The robins are building a nest in the eaves of our garage, the wren chose the underside of our garden table last year but has yet to tempt his partner this year, while black caps nested in the tangled stems of our wisteria.  The blackbirds usually choose the ivy clad wall, while the blue tits either find the gap in the stonework of the house or select the nest box without the camera!

Blue tit tagged

For six years we have had a webcam in a nest box and for six years we have had the initial excitement of seeing tits pop in to check out their potential new home only to move on before moving in.  This year we have rigged up a new camera and two identical new bird boxes on different trees.  As soon as we see them building their nest we will slide in the camera and keep our fingers crossed.


Did you know that starting on Valentine’s Day each year (for the last 10) is National Nest Box Week?  It is organised by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), Britain’s leading bird research charity, whose work primarily involves studying the populations of our common and garden birds.

Do you have a nest box in your garden?

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