I had a good day yesterday; the sun was shining and I had a very pleasant drive through the Herefordshire countryside.

First I made a delivery. The lovely couple who had commissioned two Acer Leaf drum shades were really pleased with them and we enjoyed a cup of tea and a chat.


The shades are for their Ikea Samtid sofa lamps back in Ireland, I can’t wait to see how they transform the lamps.  (I replaced the pre-cut flexible plastic shade with a bespoke hard drum, but re-used the metal ‘spider’)


Next I went to see local blacksmith, Alex Wilkins, who is making me some lampbases.  I loved seeing his workshop and his enthusiasm for innovative tooling and product design was infectious.  We devised another fun lampbase while we were there and I’m so looking forward to pairing them up with my shades.

Here’s a sneak preview of one.


Finally, I drove to Bartestree to restock Tim Hawkins’ Fine Furniture showroom with lamps.  We discussed their latest commission and selected colours and designs for two square shades for Tim’s square-sectioned standard lamps.


Coincidentally, they too chose the Acer Leaf design, this time in green, claret and toffee.  I’ll be starting on the shades next week once I’ve completed an interesting design project.

Have a good weekend.

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