The children are back at school after a lovely Easter break and I am working on new designs for the forthcoming Malvern Spring Gardening Show in just over two weeks’ time – eek!


I have loads to do with two commissions to complete as well as the new half-shades and some map shades using attractively coloured Swiss maps.


Today there are lots of distractions – one of which I am very excited about!  After spotting a blue tit starting to build her nest in one of our nest boxes a couple of weeks ago, we slotted the camera in this weekend only to find there are six little eggs!  Today there is another and the female has been busy covering them with downy feathers and hair.


I have given her a helping hand by brushing our dog and leaving a handful of his coat tucked under the wipers on my car which is close to the nest box – she has been in and out all morning with beakfuls of it!


I have yet to get the webcam rigged up to my computer so these are not very clear photos of the TV screen, but I think you’ll get the idea!

Must get on……

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