I crunched through the snow to the top of the garden, scissors in hand, to make a quick snip (rather different to my tentative attitude two years ago). Unfortunately I forgot to take the camera up there with me and it was too cold to inspire me to return to the house to get it, so no ‘in situ’ photo today – sorry!


It was a depressing trudge as I discovered that this latest snow fall has damaged many trees and shrubs. My precious tree peony lost a limb when it was crushed by the uprooted Himalayan Honeysuckle in the terrace above. The huge Hydrangea aspera has toppled right over again (having been brought back from the brink with steel posts and wire after heavy snow 3 years ago), the top 10ft of a tall prunus tree clothed in honeysuckle has jackknifed and a neatly pruned compact Spiraea is splayed open to the ground.  I’m not happy.


This little beauty is trying hard to cheer me up.


Such a delicate flower that survived this blanket of snow; the first of many survivors I hope.



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