This week’s quick creative experiment had to be really quick as it’s half-term and time to think is scarce.  I briefly contemplated getting the boys involved too, but decided I’d leave them building a camp in their bedroom (complete with a mattress slide).

Whilst browsing the books in Oxfam recently I spotted the unmistakable blast of colour that is Clarice Cliff.  Although I have never felt the urge to own any of her pottery, I have admired her work since I was quite young and was drawn to these Christie’s sale catalogues from the 1990s.


Sat on my desk, the patterns and colours kept pulling me in so I thought I’d have a little play with colour.


First I messed about with the paint palette, re-arranging the colours as I pleased (I accept that watercolours are not the ideal medium with which to recreate the bold, solid colours Clarice Cliff favoured!).


Clarice Cliff often outlined her designs in black, but I quite liked the softer effect of white paper showing between the colour blocks, so made a stitched sample using a white paper on top,


cutting away to reveal the colours beneath.


If I had more time I’d take this further, so I’m sure I’ll return to these catalogues and explore more concepts.  My half-lamps are often described by customers as Art Deco in style so I might design a few lampshades with more obvious Deco patterns.


Hey, it would be fun to design one to complement a customer’s own Clarice Cliff collection.  I’d enjoy that.


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