This week’s quick creative challenge turned into an afternoon of fun.  It started with this little wooden man.  He arrived in the house along with his twin brother a few years ago via a Christmas stocking, but it was quite obvious from early on that he appealed to me far more than he did my children.  I’ve saved him from the charity shop box on more than one occasion, so now he sits on my desk and makes me smile.

First I photographed him


(anyone notice that my Hellebore bloom from last week is still alive?)

in various poses.

Dancing-man2 Dancing-man

Then, keeping with the child-like theme, I did a quick sketch using my son’s Sharpie pen.  I’ve never been very good at drawing figures…


and for the final take (or so I thought) I headed to the sewing machine.


I first saw them as dancing men, but I can’t help seeing the one on the left as a crime scene dead body and the one on the right as a humorous sign for the door of a gent’s loo!

It was then I got excited – I remembered the little paper-chain dolls I used to make as a child and had an idea for a lampshade design.  I decided to experiment with an out-of-date map as my top paper and stitched a row of dancing ladies.


I used the map as I wanted to give the idea of a patterned dress, but I’m wondering if a solid colour would have been better.


And perhaps the heart shapes are a little too obvious when illuminated, I’d intended the ladies to be the dominant shapes and the hearts more subtle.

I’m excited by its potential; with a bit of tweaking I think it would make a stylish lampshade for newlyweds or if stitched using bright colours, a fun accessory for a girl’s bedroom.  What do you think?

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