The flowers on my desk today were picked by my boys (during a game of football in the garden!) as a Mother’s Day present.  Is it just me or do other mums have to bite their tongue when presented with a colourful posy of flowers you know will be dead by morning, but would happily have lasted another week or two in the garden?


I decided to make the most of them before they wilted, so decanted them into two little vases to reduce the crushing and kept them on the window sill overnight to keep them cool


I was welcomed this morning by wide open faces as the sun streamed through.


It IS lovely to see them at eye level, but I still prefer to see them growing!

Bucket-of-crocus Yellow-crocus

You may remember back in January I brought a pot of crocus indoors – they lasted two weeks from the appearance of the first bloom to the shrivelling of the last.

Crocus-on-my-desk Indoor-crocus

Crocus-on-royal-blue-ground Shrivelled-crocus

What’s in your vase this week?


PS  Paul Hervey-Brookes of Box Court Garden Plants – the nursery at the Rococo Gardens has very kindly identified all the snowdrops I featured in my post on 24 February.  Do pop back and have a look.

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