This week’s Three Takes …. was inspired by an email from the lovely Sue Lim at Blue-Ginger gallery.  “….. Would love some of your lamps here if possible.  The theme is ‘Fur and Feather’……. but that doesn’t help you!  Have you got any map lamps of this area?”

My initial thought was that she was right – animals and birds don’t feature in my work, but then I found myself doodling feathers!


I immediately saw its potential and a stitched panel soon followed.  I knew this had to be a lampshade, so I stitched another, and another.  I chose a bold colour as I wanted a strong contrast between the stylised feather and the background.


So for those of you who have said they’d like to see how my Three Takes ….experiments result in a lamp, here you have it.


and to prove it’s not just a mock-up here it is illuminated.


I must admit I’m rather pleased with how it turned out and can see the design finding its way onto my stand at the Malvern Spring Gardening show in May, in a variety of colourways.  This one is off to Blue Ginger this afternoon (along with some local map lamps) – I bet Sue won’t have expected me to view her innocent email comment as a creative challenge!

Which colourway would you like to see?

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