It’s strange how a simple combination of coloured squares can provoke such a powerful emotional response.  While reading the paper in bed this morning I turned the page and was immediately transported back to a happy place full of family fun. What I’d seen was a grid measuring less than 5cm x 5cm.


The faded colours of the Scrabble board evoked happy memories of good-natured competition – I remember watching my mum and dad play when I was very little, playing as a family when I grew older and then playing with my husband when staying in holiday cottages in more recent years.

The first thing I did after dropping the children at school was dig out our old set.  It’s exactly two years since I’ve played it. I know because inside there is a score sheet and on it I’ve written “and she does it again all these years later.  S won. The Lakes, Feb 2008”.  Not that I’m competitive you understand!


So there it was, this week’s quick creative experiment.

I tried a watercololur interpretation. There is something very therapeutic about painting little squares of colour.


Then I raided my paper offcuts for appropriate colours, stitched a quick grid and began cutting out little squares, layer by layer.  I love this combination (where I have left out the pink).


I enjoyed the experiment.  I’m not sure it has inspired a lampshade design (unless one is commissioned by a Scrabble fanatic), but I may well use this colour combination.  What it has done is inspire me to teach my children how to play Scrabble – their spelling ability is just about at the point where they’ll make good opponents.

Scrabble Facts:  Did you know that over 100 million Scrabble sets have been sold in 121 countries around the world in 29 different languages, making it the world’s best selling word game?  Visit the Scrabble website to find out about its history (make sure you have your speakers on as you open the European site – the sound sent a tingle down my spine).

Do you have fond memories of Scrabble?


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