I’m having a proud parent moment, so feel free to look away now.  I’m not sure if I have confessed before but I am a terrible hoarder – I have drawers full of little things ‘that just may come in handy one day’.  I always make excuses for my clutter by claiming to be a creative person and that I’m saving it for a future project.

I am also a keen recycler, so when it comes to throwing away things that cannot go into the recycling sack I try to think of another use for them.

One of my more recent struggles has been with metal things – the bits left after the boys dismantled an old bike last summer, broken tools, obsolete kitchen utensils, old pipe and the like.  I decided that in the right hands (not mine) these treasures could be made into some interesting garden sculpture, so I started a ‘scrap metal’ collection in a bucket and have added to it sporadically since last year.

Well, I can’t begin to describe my delight as my nine-year-old son called out ‘Look Mum’ and proudly held aloft a hunk of oak.  It isn’t unusual for him to be tinkering in the garage and for the sound of hammering to filter up to my office, but the resulting creation almost brought tears to my eyes.


The even lovelier thing was that his masterpiece caught the imagination of his twin brother who asked if they could make another, together.  Back they headed to the garage and within half-an-hour re-appeared with this handsome chap.  (Don’t you just love his monocle crafted from a rusty barbecue skewer?)


When asked what they were going to call their fabulous new friends they announced ‘Bits and Bobs’.  (I have a feeling they are the names of characters on children’s TV, but an inspired choice all the same).

Suffice to say my hoarding is well and truly justified.  In my eyes anyway!


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