With puppy now safe to go out into the big wide world, we went out after school yesterday to discover Malvern’s wild bluebells.


Having decided our favourite wood near Gullet Quarry was too steep for his little legs, we went in search of some gentler climbs.  The first was woodland near Wynds Point which was just like the bluebell woods I remember as a child.

Wynds-Point-bluebells Bluebells-at-Wynds-Point

We stopped for water at one of the numerous springs and snapped the most-oft seen drifts – those beside Jubilee Drive which runs along the west side of the hills.


Our last visit was a surprise discovery.  As we drove back from Worcester later in the evening we spotted a field of mauve in the distance and headed round to West Malvern to locate it.  I was stunned at the spectacle and couldn’t believe I could have lived here so long and never found it before.

West-Malvern-bluebells West-Malvern-bluebell-slope Bluebell-detail West-Malvern-bluebells-clos

The fresh new growth of the bracken made a perfect contrast to the deep mauve of the bluebells.  It was a magical sight which made my day!

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