After being chilled to the bone at the Spring Gardening show on Saturday, we were all so relieved to see the sun yesterday.  The whole mood of the place lifted as we peeled off our scarves and gloves and everyone smiled again.  The biggest smile was mine as captured when Joe Swift posed for a photo at my stand.


I was soon warm enough to remove my coat!

I didn’t get to see much of the show, but did treat myself to a couple of things from other makers in the Wye Hall – these gorgeous woodcut wrens by Nat Morley (I’m very fond of wrens – they nest in my garden each year)


and one of Sophia Binney’s wonderful dragonfly jugs to add to my jug collection.


Little glimpses of the show do, of course, come to you when you’re tied to your stand in the form of visitors and their purchases; this year’s most seen product had to be the shocking pink trolley – there were hundreds of them.  This one wins the award for the most striking.


It’s good to be home, with a quiet day to unpack, reflect on the conversations of the past four days, sort through my orders and spend some time with my new puppy. He was very pleased to see me and was particularly keen to show me his new trick – impersonating a plant!


Happy Monday!

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