I’m really pleased with the tulips I grew in pots this year.  This is one of a pair of large pots I planted in layers using tulips, narcissi and crocus, topped off with pansies.  The pansies bloomed through the January snow and are still going strong.



I also planted my empty runner bean troughs with narcissi and pink tulips (Tulipa Dynasty I think)


The narcissi have now gone over and the tulips began to flop in that lovely way they do in a vase.  Their heads got a little too close to new puppy’s teeth, so I decided to beat him to it and cut them for the house.


I can now study them from all angles


and thanks to a missing petal even as a cross section.


If I need the pots for summer planting I usually take out the tulips and dry them in the shed (not sure it works if you’ve cut the flowers off in their prime?!).  If I happen across them sometime in the autumn I then pop them in around the garden, hence I have a few odd blooms dotted about the beds from years gone by.


Black-cherry-tulip Yellow-tulip-red-edge

This patch of glorious red tulips has been growing in this spot for more years than I can remember, I love them even when they are on their last legs.


If I’ve planted the bulbs in a pot with a shrub I tend to leave them be and forget about them; this little beauty was a lovely surprise.


If you too love tulips take a look at some gorgeous (named!) varieties at The Artist’s Garden and Shirl’s Tulip Fest.



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