Regular readers will know that I am very fond of garden birds and when they choose to nest in my garden I am especially enthusiastic.


Last year the wren built a nest on a ledge under our garden table, but his partner wasn’t impressed and they didn’t use it.  This year he built another at the opposite end of the table and had better luck with his mate.  Last week the eggs hatched.


When we wanted to use the table we were forced to huddle at the opposite end so she could swoop in and out to feed her brood.  It always amazes me how much noise such a little bird can make.


This evening we could hear them chirruping along the garden wall and managed to see one make its first tentative flaps to independence.  Here it is having made it as far as the roof next door deciding when to take the next leap.


We wish them well.


PS  You may remember my love of nesting birds is such that we installed a bird box camera.  In case you were wondering bluetits did build a nest in the camera box again this year, but decided against laying eggs.  Typically they also made one in the matching box where Mrs Bluetit went on to raise her brood in privacy.  Unfortunately for us by the time we got back from holiday at the end of April and saw her intentions we were too late to move the camera from one box to the other, without risking upsetting her.  So, I’m sorry to report we’ve missed the action again!


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