Today I am participating in One Sydney Road’s Alphabet Walk, so if you have hopped here from there, welcome!


I intended to take a walk around town in the sunshine and snap away with my camera, but as it’s grey and chilly and I have a shade commission I should be working on, I decided to take a short walk around my garden and capture as many plants as I could find whose name (botanical or common) begins with the letter in question.

Can you guess the letter?

Hollyhock Holly Hypericum Hostas Hydrangea-climbing Hazel
Hydrangea-pale-blue Hydrangea-petals
Hypericum-detail Hypericum-berries

from top: Hollyhock, Holly, Hypericum, Hosta, climbing Hydrangea, Hazel, mop-head Hydrangea, lacecap Hydrangea, evergreen Hypericum, Hypericum berries.  All growing in my garden on the eastern slopes of the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire, UK.

I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone else has interpreted their letter as part of the Alphabet Walk, but in the meantime must get down to some work – if you’re interested in what that is, click on ‘Lighting’ to your right.

Thanks for coming, do pop by again!  Sarah

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