I’ve always been a sucker for detail, noticing things that others pass by (not always a good thing, of course!)

While hanging out the washing on a particularly sunny day I noticed these little circles at my feet.  They looked like tiny slivers of copper sheet.


I looked more closely and saw some had seeds attached.



I was intrigued, until I worked out which plant they had sprung from.


A quick Google search lead me to The Seed Site which revealed that the sun’s heat encourages Geraniums to shoot their seeds from the pods. The seeds sit in a circle at the base of the style and are attached to its tip by a fine woody strip. The seed casing splits when the seeds are ripe and the strip rips up the style catapulting the seeds out at great speed.

Apparently the strip is supposed to remain attached to the style tip but my little woody circles all over the terrace would suggest they flew out along with the seeds.

What a wonderful thing!

NB  The Seed Site looks like a fabulous resource for anyone interested in collecting, storing, sowing, germinating and even exchanging seeds and has hundred of photos of seeds, seedpods and seedlings.

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