The sweet peas have put on a good show this year, albeit not quite the show I had in mind.


I sowed carefully-selected varieties from seed in cardboard tubes, by colour, with smart labels, before Christmas!  Unfortunately I have since realised early planting is not ideal for me.  The longer I have seedlings hanging about the more chances they have of meeting a grizzly end.  I lost some when the bucket they were in was left out in the rain and promptly froze, others when they dried out whilst on holiday in April and yet more when puppy found he could reach the cardboard tubes in the tray and thought it was a great game to race round the garden with them in his mouth, leaving a trail of compost and bedraggled seedlings in his wake.


My mum took pity on me and my bedraggled specimens and promptly bought me a replacement tray of healthy little plants that someone else had grown, putting mine to shame.  I mixed them in with those of mine that had survived against all odds, and thus have no idea what varieties I have ended up with.


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