The latest batch of map drum shades to be delivered has featured the delights of Devon, commissioned by men this time.

The first pair represent the customer’s entire life – incorporating all the places he has ever lived.  For these I sourced the map – a 1960 cloth Ordnance Survey map of Barnstaple.


The edges are bound in paper to match the stitched vertical stripes.


The customer has just sent me a lovely email telling me how pleased he is and attached some photos to show them on his own bases.  I love them!


The second pair was ordered to remind a local customer of happy holidays spent in Devon, they’re made from vintage cloth-backed Bartholomew’s map (left) and Ordnance Survey map (right), supplied by him.  The tallest is 20″ high x 9″ diameter.

Tall-map-shades-Devon Detail-Salcombe-map-shade

It is impossible to flatten out the folds of decades old linen-backed maps, but it can add to the lampshade’s charm.

I’ll be working with local maps again next week, before moving on to Cornwall!


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