I started the day with my head full of ideas for new lampshades.  Three different ideas were brewing and I wanted to try them all, at once.

The first involved silhouettes of glass vessels so I played around with the camera for a while, but couldn’t quite decide on a design before being distracted by thoughts of a new technique.

Bottles Glass-bases

So I played with dyes and paints, parchment and maps before getting disheartened when I couldn’t translate the design in my sketchbook into stitch.  My mind was wandering again.

Paint-and-map-sketchbook-pa Stitched-parchment

My final idea was prompted quite simply by the two wooden birds sitting on my desk since yesterday when they arrived in the post.


I sketched a few pairs of birds, their tails reminiscent of my seed-head design, remembered my robin Christmas cards

Claret-seedhead-detail  Map-robin-Christmas-cards

and decided I’d try a pair of love birds from appliquéd map.


They look rather flighty in comparison to their wooden friends,


but I think they will work well as a lampshade.

Appliqued map birds

My workspace is now in chaos!

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