A busy month spent reviewing my business, planning the redesign of my outdated website, developing new product ranges, new ways of displaying them and deciding which lamps I will no longer make.

I’ve been designing and making my signature ‘tricurve’ shaped lamp since I started out in 1999 and it has always been popular. Over those 17 years I have had just two frame-makers create it for me, but bespoke lampshade frame-making is a dying art and I can no longer source the frame at a sensible price.  So it’s with a touch of sadness that I will be discontinuing it.  No more mini-pegs and hand-stitching with metallic thread and a beading needle!

Detail stitch half shade in progress1

I’ve been trying the last few lamps around the house to see which ones I’ll keep before putting the rest up for sale at a discounted price.

2017-01-27 16.24.05

I’m rather liking the look of one tucked into a cubby hole of my office shelves.

2017-01-27 15.51.03

If you own one of my curvy half lamps and have been thinking about purchasing another message me and I’ll make sure you’re first to know when they are photographed and in my web shop.  I cannot make any more to order as the frames are now out of stock.

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