Although 100% of respondents to my recent survey loathed at least one of the lampshades they own, the majority loved more of their shades than they hated.

half lamp in shades of pink

My survey also revealed that while 33% have bought a new shade within the last 12 months another 33% haven’t treated themselves in over 5 years with 13% of those resisting a new shade for over 10 years!

40% have never spent more than £50 on a lampshade, while 33% have spent up to £150.

73% have bought a shade from a high street or DIY store and 47% from an individual maker – which is cheering when compared to my survey 10 years ago when only 4% had done so.

86% own a shade made from plain fabric and 73% own a shade from printed or stitched paper

The main consideration when buying a new lampshade is style for 60% of respondents followed by colour for 20%.

When asked to select the three most important elements when decorating a room 73% included lamps and lighting, 67% chose curtains/window dressings and 67% carpets and floor coverings, while 53% included wall coverings in their top three.

And when it comes to the least favourite shade 27% described ugly plastic shades while 33% described strangely coloured glass shades.

Thank you to all who took part.  Take a look at the results of my previous survey 10 years ago to see how the responses compare.



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