A lampshade made from a lovely old map of a special place makes a perfect personalised present. With its subtle colours it will sit easily in any room, giving a soft light and happy memories.

Vintage OS map lamp

Southport map shade on ash base


Commissioning your own map lampshade is pretty straightforward.  Here I’ve answered some FAQs to help you:

Which map shall I choose?

Think of a place that’s special to you or the intended recipient – perhaps somewhere you’ve lived, spent childhood holidays, studied, visited with loved ones or set up your first home.

I’ve made shades using old maps which show family farms, pairs of shades for brides and grooms showing their home towns, wedding venues, university cities, places of work, the location of holiday cottages and childhood homes.

I usually use vintage OS maps from the 1960s and 1970s 1 inch to 1 mile scale, the width of these maps allows a shade diameter of 20cm. I appliqué over the vertical folds and you can choose your own colour of appliqué – as bold or as subtle as you like. I hold a large stock of maps, but if I don’t have the one you want I will happily source it for you. They have soft vintage colours and lovely typography.

OS maps

1 inch : 1 mile OS maps

I am also happy to use other maps if you need more detail or if you have your own map you’d like me to use (it should be printed one side only to work as a lampshade).   Have a look at more examples of map shades I’ve made to order to help you decide.


What shapes and sizes of map shade do you make?

I make drum shades and half shades in a variety of sizes.

The typical size of a drum shade from the OS maps mentioned above is 20cm diameter x 18cm high. If you’d like a larger shade I can make a 35cm diameter drum shade by joining two maps together. Alternatively, for a 25cm diameter drum I can use a 1.25 inch to 1 mile scale map from the 1970s-1990s. Drum shades can be used as table lamps, floor lamps and ceiling pendants (just tell me which so I make it the right way up!)

The 20cm drum shade can also be purchased as a table lamp with integral oak feet or with a craftsman-made turned ash base.

I specialise in making half shades which are perfect for narrow spaces like console tables and bedside cabinets. They can be ordered as wall lights (with or without a switched cable) or as complete table lamps with a bespoke wooden base.

Half shades come in two sizes – the tall slim one is 25cm x 25cm x 12.5cm deep and the low wide one is 19cm high x 36cm wide x 15.5cm deep.

map table lamp designs


How do I order a shade?

You can either email me with your details or complete the short order form on my website, which prompts the information I need from you.  There are forms for shade only, a drum shade table lamp, a half shade table lamp and a wall shade.

If I have a map in stock I will reply by email with a photograph of the section I intend to use. If not, I will confirm the price, check you are happy and then go off and find you a suitable map.

I can usually make your shade within 3 weeks of having the right map to hand, if you need one in a hurry let me know and I may be able help.  Preferred payment is by online bank transfer, but Paypal is also an option, as is an old-fashioned cheque. Once payment is made and your shade is complete I will package and send it using a Royal Mail signed-for service.


What’s the cost?
The price for a made-to-order lampshade includes sourcing the map, email consultation and creation of the shade.
20cm drum shade £70
20cm drum shade with integral feet £95
20cm drum shade with turned base £130
25cm drum shade £85

Half shades are £80 made to order – take a look at Lamp Sizes and Prices to see a full spec.

These prices are valid from 1 February 2018. My email subscribers can benefit from a price freeze until 28 February. You can join my mailing list and be first to receive news and offers like this.


What’s special about your map shades?

They are made by a very experienced paper lampshade maker!  I’ve been making lampshades from paper since 1999 and map shades since 2008 – here is my blog post from that time showing the first ones I ever made.

I take care to find the right map for you and ensure you are happy with which part will be used for the shade and where the folds fall in relation to your special place. I use original maps and not copies, appliquéing over the vertical folds and hand rolling the edges to avoid the use of binding. All are backed with a transparent PVC liner to allow as much light through as possible while making the paper safe.

I pride myself on great customer service and attention to detail.  Many of my customers are repeat buyers, which I think is a very good sign!

If you have any questions I haven’t answered please feel free to email me or leave a comment below.

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