Potential customers often ask how easy it will be to keep my lampshades clean, believing they are more fragile than traditional fabric shades.  In fact, they have two main advantages over many fabric shades – first their surfaces are vertical so they attract less dust and second any odd splashes, dents or flyspots do not show amongst the plant-fibres and textures of the paper as they would on a plain fabric shade.

I do recommend regular dusting using a soft-haired artist’s brush, which is great for cleaning many other types of lampshade too.

To improve the appearance of your own lampshades, to ensure maximum light is let through and to prolong their life, it is important to remove dust on a regular basis.  I have started writing a series of ‘How To …’ articles and the first How to Care for and Clean Lampshades covers cleaning of fabric, paper and glass lampshades.

If you have any cleaning tips to add please leave a comment.


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