I usually choose to work with out-of-date OS maps rather than new ones because I prefer the look of the print colours and enjoy the recycling aspect.  If the map has been folded I’ll often appliqué strips of plant-fibre paper over the creases to hide them whilst adding colour and contrast to the lampshade.


Sometimes customers ask for a plain shade and want the map centred on a specific location.  Here’s one I made this week for a local B&B owner from a custom-printed map which allows a maximum 10″ diameter drum.


Ordnance Survey offers a custom printing service called OS Select whereby you can specify the area you’d like the map to cover – this is particularly useful for those who live on the edge of an off-the-shelf OS map.  You can have it folded or rolled.


As you’d expect the printing isn’t as fine as the originals, but they are still very good.


Made-to-order mapping is also available at specialist map shops. I ordered mine from The Map Shop in Upton-upon-Severn – a great shop with helpful staff, which bulges at the seams with maps from all over the world.

Wherever you’re headed have a lovely weekend.

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